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      Pat Temple and the HiLO Players are set to release a new record in the spring of  2020. 
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Pat Temple always has a great cast of HiLO Players. He has been called the Ronnie Hawkins of Folk music, he always attracts fantastic sidemen. For this tour he is once again bringing some of the best. 
Spencer Evans, from Kingston Ontario, has performed and recorded with Pat Temple for 30 years. He also performed and toured with Jeff Healy, Sarah Harmer and the Cowboy Junkies. Spencer is a multi instrumentalist, playing clarinet, accordion and keyboards. He’s an incredibly infectious performer and always brings it to every show! 
Rob Foreman, from Peterborough Ontario, has recorded and performed with Pat for 5 years. He is rapidly gaining traction as a session stand up bass player and also fronts his own band called the "Quick Shifters".
Kyler Tapscott, came to the band on a recommendation from Canadian ace, Jimmie Bowskill. He's been touring with PaTT for three years and is presently putting the finishing touches on his own solo recording. Kyler is  world class guitar man, and is getting session work with Greg Keelor, Emily Fennell, Amanda Reume and many others.
The new 2020 Pat Temple HiLO recording is titled Slanted Road and features the four players mentioned above plus HilO alumni, Pineapple Frank on trombone for one song.
It is, by all accounts, the Pat Temple recording many have longed for, presenting the same instrumentation and the same players as the touring band.
Ten songs on 'Slanted Road, draw from a thirty year collection of story songs written by PaTT.
There are two co-writes on the record; one with guitar wizard, Kyler Tapscott, and one with Pat's nine year old nefew, Noah Bamberger.
Pat Temple continues to tour, record, write and perform his own unique brand of toe tapping music. Presently he is working on his eighth album, excited to share some of his new tunes with his fan across Canada. Pat loves to be out on tour, talking to people and gaining inspiration for his music. 
Pat always puts together incredible shows, but he himself admits that this musical line up is one of the best . Don’t miss it!

      The 2014 release, ‘Day For Day’ carries on the swinging tradition of Pat’s 90’s cult hits ‘Salamander Bones’ and ‘Playin’ Havoc With My Heart’. Pat’s music is informed by Western Swing, Jump Blues, Rockabilly and Roadhouse Soul. It fits easily into Blues, Jazz and Folk festivals.
       Having performed many of Canada’s Music Festivals, Pat Temple has become a mainstay in the Canadian scene. He has performed in venues such as: Massey Hall, The National Art Gallery and The Ontario Place Forum. Pat Temple has received press across Canada, being interviewed by CBC, The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, The Winnipeg Free Press, as well as The Vancouver Sun. He has appeared live on Much Music television and CBC radio.
      With thirty years of performing under his belt, Pat has developed an impressive and unique body of work. His compelling voice adds colour and meaning to his lyrics. Pat’s songs are the kind you want to stay up late with!
      Pat Temple attracts stellar players to his music.
 The live shows are toe tappin’ and uplifting. At every show you’ll find people up swingin’ and dancing to this very original music performed by a truly eclectic cast of characters.

One Tree Island  Wingwalker 1988
Stone Boat BMG 1990                                           
Connecting Lines  BMG 1992
Hi Lo at Massey Hall  Wingwalker 1993 
Cold Cuts  Wingwalker 1994
One Song at a Time  Wingwalker 2000
Hi Lo Silver  Wingwalker 2012
Day For Day Wingwalker 2015

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National Art Gallery
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