Pat Temple
PAT TEMPLE’S lyrics and music combine an eclectic mix of stories and travel logs His travels have taken him to England, Ireland, France, Spain,and the United States, building a steady following as he travels. Having performed many of Canada’s music festivals, PAT TEMPLE has become a mainstay in the Canadian art scene. He has performed in venues such as: Massey Hall, The National Art Gallery and Ontario Place Forum. PAT TEMPLE has been interviewed by Peter Gwzosky, Vicky Gabero, The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, as well as The Vancouver Sun. He has appeared on MuchMusic, and CBC’s “Swingin’ on a Star”.

PAT TEMPLE is a poet and composer with thirty years of performing experience under his belt. This has helped him to develop an impressive and unique body of work. His compelling voice adds colour and meaning to his lyrics. His songs embrace the collective unconscious. They are the kind of songs that you want to stay up late with. Each of Pat’s songs contain a short novel’s worth of ideas and the musical styles are truly diverse. They are not to be listened to. They are to be experienced!
One Tree Island  Wingwalker 1988
Stone Boat  BMG 1990
Connecting Lines  BMG 1992
Live at Massey Hall  Wingwalker 1993
Cold Cuts  Wingwalker 1994
One Song at a Time  Wingwalker 2000
Hi Lo Silver  Wingwalker 2011

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