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Pat Temple celebrates the release of a brand new recording ‘Day For Day’ at
The Monarch Tavern, 12 Clinton St., Toronto, January 31, 2015, 9:00 pm.
This is a landmark event for Pat Temple who turns sixty years old on January 25. The recording features some of Canada’s finest roots musicians, fourteen in number on different songs, and was recorded in three sessions over the course of 2014. The songs remain true to the ‘Hillbilly Jazz’ style of Pat’s 90’s cult hits ‘Salamander Bones’ and ‘Playin Havoc With My Heart’. As always there’s a finger snappin’, toe tappin’, knee slappin’, money back guarantee so bring your dancing shoes!!
The Monarch Show will feature seven musicians that played on the recording backing Pat Temple including:
Frank Barth                   steel guitar and trombone                Prairie Oyster, Sylvia Tyson, Handsome Ned
Alan Black                     drums and harmonica                      Jackson Delta, Mose Scarlett
Spencer Evans             clarinet, piano and accordion         Cowboy Junkies, Sarah Harmer, Jill Barber
Will Meadows               baritone guitar, and mandolin         Hard Ryde
Tom Walsh                    trombone                                             Richard Underhill, Noma, Oliver Jones
Chris Ward                    percussion                                          The Hellbillys, The Hi Lo Players
Terry Wilkins                 bass fiddle                                           Sinner’s Choir, Chuck Jackson, Levon Helm
It should prove to be a fun night. The Monarch Tavern is one of the last of the great old style Ontario roadhouse taverns. They also have a fabulous menu featuring southern style barbecue.
 For info and reservations call:
The Monarch Tavern
(416) 531-5833

Pat’s music is informed by Western Swing, Jump Blues, Rockabilly and Roadhouse Soul. It fits easily into Blues, Jazz and Folk festivals. 
       Having performed many of Canada’s Music Festivals, Pat Temple has become a mainstay in the Canadian scene. He has performed in venues such as: Massey Hall, The National Art Gallery and The Ontario Place Forum. Pat Temple has received press across Canada, being interviewed by CBC, The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, The Winnipeg Free Press, as well as The Vancouver Sun. He has appeared live on Much Music television and CBC radio.
With thirty years of performing under his belt, Pat has developed an impressive and unique body of work. His compelling voice adds colour and meaning to his lyrics. Pat’s songs are the kind you want to stay up late with!

One Tree Island  Wingwalker 1988
Stone Boat  BMG 1990
Connecting Lines  BMG 1992
Live at Massey Hall  Wingwalker 1993
Cold Cuts  Wingwalker 1994
One Song at a Time  Wingwalker 2000
Hi Lo Silver  Wingwalker 2011
Day For Day 2015

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